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Jonilda Bahja

PhD Student in Business Information Technology

Virginia Tech

Designing service-oriented chatbots to improve customer experience

About the Workshop:

Service industries are continuously challenged by unexpected events. Information and communication technologies (ICT) and artificial intelligence (AI) can be used as an important recovery strategy for service businesses. Research shows that businesses will save $11.5 billion by 2023 if they use chatbots instead of traditional customer service center. Given that the number of users communicating and interacting through social media and apps has been increasing in the recent years, deploying chatbots in messaging environments is a strategy for businesses to connect with customers. In this hands-on workshop, participants will be introduced to chatbots in general and their architecture, how to use them for business purposes, and all the design criteria to consider when developing a chatbot based on the nature of the business.

About the speaker:

Jonilda Bahja is working on her PhD in Business Information Technology at Virginia Tech. She holds master’s degrees in Computer Engineering from Epoka Univesity, Data Analysis and Applied Statistics from Virginia tech, and Hospitality Management from University of South Florida. Her education background and industry experience in UX Design and Assessment in services developed her interest on studying conversational AI/chatbots in service industry and enhance customer experience. She has been teaching several courses over the scope of 10 years and enjoys sharing her knowledge and empowering young generations. Her passion is also reflected on the fellowship she holds with Virginia Tech Graduate Academy for Teaching Excellence. In addition to the main duties, Jonilda sits in the advisor board of Hospitality Industry Technology Exposition & Conference 2021.

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