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11 May 2021 12:15pm-1:15pm EDT

Please join this workshop at:



About the Chef:

Giuseppe Sbrescia is a professional young pizza maker, with seven years of experience as pizza maker at most prestigious Neapolitan pizzerias such as Salvatore Lionielli, Regina Margherita. During his career experience he has learned the main methods of preparing pizza paste, and he has acquired skills and competencies in food conservation techniques. He is also engaged in the cost analysis and in the sale price management. He has several international experiences in international cities as Auckland, and Sidney as Pizza Chef. During that time, he was responsible of all the production process, form the provision, disinfection, and food preparation to ideation of new kind of pizzas to propose in Menu.


All these experiences make him a talented pizza maker and artist, appreciated for his work and his Italian style, he is committed to prepare, create and to promote high-quality craft products and the real pizza taste.

Needed Ingredients: the ingredients to create a good Neapolitan pizza are four: 

  • water

  • yeast

  • flour and

  • salt, 


but mixing the ingredients together is not enough, you must always add a little passion and love!  Let's start ! 

1 kg of flour; 650gr of water; 4 gr of yeast; 30 grams of salt.  

First, the 4 grams of yeast are dissolved in the water, 650 grams of flour are added and kneading is started almost at the end of the process, 30 g of salt is added once amalgamated and left to rest for 7/8 hours at room temperature.

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