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Chief Executive Officer
American Marketing Association

Services and Retail Experience Design in a Post-Covid World

13 May 2021 10:30am EDT

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Russ Klein has quarterbacked teams for many of the world’s foremost brand names—holding top marketing and advertising posts at Dr Pepper/7UP Companies, Gatorade, 7-Eleven Corporation, Arby’s Restaurant Group, and Burger King where he was President. He has held leadership positions with Leo Burnett and FC&B advertising agencies. Russ is a partner with PopSockets LLC listed as #2 on Inc. 5000 fastest-growing companies in America. Russ also serves as a senior advisor to Goldman Sachs for strategic acquisitions.



As CEO for the American Marketing Association and torch bearer for the discipline, Russ is charged with an epic transformation of the AMA. Klein recently announced a bold restructuring initiative reconstituting the American Marketing Association as “a technology company that provides professional development solutions, credentials of value, esteemed peer-reviewed thought leadership, personal growth, advancement, and fellowship in the field of marketing.”


Today, Russ is here to provoke you to think differently about brand building. Recently, the “Father of Modern Marketing,” Phil Kotler, shared that, “Russ Klein is my mentor on Experience Design.”

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