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Best Paper Awardees

  • Alola Uju Violet; Tarkang Mary; Magdaline Enow Mbi Can Paradoxical Leadership be the Game Changer to driving Organization towards Navigating Negative Practices?

  • Chan Pui Sze; Ng, Pui Yi; Ko, Annie. Affective commitment in new hires’ onboarding? The role of organizational socialization in the fashion retail industry

  • Markus Rach, The impact of TikTok’s plastic surgery content on adolescents’ self-perception and purchase intention.

  • Muhittin Cavusoglu Applicability of SERVQUAL to Service Delivery Robots: An Exploratory Study of the Food Service Delivery Robots

  • ​Piper Luigi; de Cosmo, Lucrezia Maria; Prete, Maria Irene; Guido, Gianluigi

  • From home to the store: Combined effects of music and traffic on consumers’ shopping behavior

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